Monday, July 10, 2006

Night Fall by Nelson DeMille

Well folks we found out last week that we’ll be moving back to Mustang. (I’m doing cartwheels of excitement – no joking… literally) I’ve wanted to move back since the first day we were here. We’ve been slowly culling, packing and moving some things into storage. We’re planning on doing it all over the next month, so hopefully this won’t be a big deal.

The reason for our move back to Mustang as some of you may already know is because of Belinda will probably be working in the Mustang School district. It’s not 100% yet but we are walking on faith. It seems all this was just dropped in our lap and doors started opening.

This means I’ll be driving 10 miles to work instead of 35 miles. Gas savings, less wear and tear on the car, more time with the family, it’s a no brainer.

While packing I came across a book I read a few months ago. It’s called Night Fall by Nelson DeMille. The book starts out in 1996 with a man and a woman who are married but not to each other, they witness and videotape TWA flight 800 exploding over the ocean. 230 victims perish in the crash. The government deems the crash to mechanical failure but the videotape may tell another story.
On the fifth anniversary of the crash ex-NYPD detective John Corey and his career FBI wife Kate Mayfield decide against all pressure from their superiors to privately re-open the case. They both hunt for the crucial video that will once and for all answer the questions left open so long ago.

DeMille does an excellent job weaving two real life catastrophic events together (one mentioned here and one not). This is one darn good story that will keep you turning the pages.

Things I liked about the book: The setting and the alpha male personality of John Corey.
Writers who read this will do well to study and try to copy DeMille’s 3 dimensional characterization.

Things I didn’t like: the plot line was a little thin; though it’s a good story.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars from me. (Some content may offend some people otherwise I’d give it a 4 star rating)

This book has some strong sexual content at the first but that’s pretty much it. I think Demille put it in to make the story more plausible.

He is releasing another book soon that will be related to Night Fall. Click his link to the right and check it out. I can hardly wait until it hits the shelves.