Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2nd. Annual Fireworks Fundraiser a big success!

The 2nd. annual MUMC Fireworks Fundraiser was a tremendous success! We would like to thank MUMC Congregation for all of your support. It was a tough few days battling the heat, price shoppers, and at times being slammed dunked with about what seemed a million customers. Thank you for your patience with having the fireworks stand and the big P.O.D.S. container in the way. They both will be gone in a few days. Thanks go to Warren & Becky King for donating the pull camper. That sure came in handy in the dead heat of the day for the kids to take refuge in. God blessed us with dry weather for most of the days we were open, but even with the rain on the 4th, it didn't seem to slow the customer's enthusiasim. We would also like to thank all of the people who donated their time selling, hauling product, stacking and even bringing ice durring the heat of the day, it's greatly appreciated. We have not got an official total of what our take will be yet, but stay tuned. I know we made more gross sales than last year and that's a good thing. Come and join us when you can and God Bless.