Sunday, November 26, 2006

Click the Movie

Although I’m not the biggest Adam Sandler fan, I enjoyed his movie Click.

Workaholic Michael Newman finds himself in a precarious situation when offered a universal remote control that will fast foreword him through the annoying distractions of everyday life. The remote soon takes over control of his life and Michael finds himself at his death and everything he loves has changed for the worse for him. Without giving too much away, this was a great movie with some really funny parts and a great ending. If you get a chance, rent this one, it’s worth the couple of bucks.

Skyline Ministries

Not to beat the Thanksgiving thing totally into the ground, but after visiting Skyline this last Saturday was a real eye opener and made me thankful for a lot of things I’ve taken for granted over the last few years.

At 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon Belinda, my wife, went up to the church to help start preparing the meal that would be served that evening. She asked me if I wanted to come help prepare the food and of course I said no. I was feeling like playing on the net with the new Google Earth I had downloaded. More on that in a later post. She called me about 30 minutes later and was telling me she wished she was home to watch the Bedlam game – GO SOONERS!- and here I was playing on the computer. So after some time with my good ole friend Guilt, I showered, shaved off 5 days worth of growth and went in to help.

After arriving and standing around for a while we went upstairs to the worship chapel and had a seat. The Pastor soon passed out some cards for prayer request. While listening to some of the request I realized how blessed by God I am. People were requesting prayers for help finding a warmer place to live before it gets cold, help with drug addictions, people with health problems that can’t get the medical care they need, requests for help keeping the utilities on…
It made me think. How can these people go on day to day? I don’t know if I could if I were homeless, with no money to eat with, and hooked on drugs.

God bless them all!

Things I’m Thankful for:
A free country to worship whom or what ever I want to.
My church
My family
Healthy kids, wife and myself
Stable job and decent income
Good friends
Most of all, I’m thankful for Jesus. If you don’t understand, ask me sometime and I’ll explain it the best I can.

If you ever have a chance, go down to Skyline and serve the homeless a meal. You may get a blessing you didn’t expect!

God bless!